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As a part of the pre-launch for the full Only With Love line! 

This specific candle is named after our owner Stephanie's dog - Nolah. She was recently in an accident and is requiring a large amount of medical care. The funds from this candle directly support Stephanie with Nolah's medical expenses and surgeries.

In the process, you are supporting their family, experiencing a beautiful ritual candle, and lighting an intention for Nolah's healing every time you use your candle! 

WHY IT'S AMAZING //  This candle is so yummy smelling + vibey! Topped with some high quality Amethyst Points, Chrysanthemum flowers for deep-centered healing, and Kunzite chips to support the heart chakra! 

NOTES // Top notes of very creamy coconut and warm vanilla musk with bergamot. If you have ever smelled our previous fall collection candle, That Witch, THIS is that scent and it's EVERYTHING!