candles with purpose

these scents are inspired by the captivating, joyful, and heart-filled feelings I had walking into my grandmothers house during the holidays growing up. ever since her passing in 2011, the holidays have never been the same. the house never smelled like cinnamon apples, crisp leaves, and creamy nutmeg the way she somehow used to make it smell. but, with great surprise... I created candles that captured it.

these candles brought those precious moments in time back to us. they brought her magic back into my families home and give us all the nostalgia and heart-warming love of thanksgiving, christmas, and new years. they make the home feel warm. they emulate the changing of the seasons so effortlessly and beautifully and I am so excited for you to feel the happiness they can bring into your home and your loved ones.

happy to help you light up your world a bit more

with love,


the best pumpkin spice scent out there!

better smelling than any candle I've EVER purchased!

she did a THING with these...